Hyten Mountain
about us

At Hyten we see things differently. Our goal is to elevate the lives of our customers. Hyten Global is a company built around values and principles that allow us to thrive – along with investing in the best, most rewarding lifestyle essentials.


People need hope, we want to create and fulfill dreams, and be of service to people through our H.O.P.E Project (Helping Other People Everywhere). When we do service for other people that’s when we feel whole and complete.


To feel young, energized, and being excited to learn and experience new things.


We can only progress and grow as fast as we learn to trust people. We understand trust is critical between the company and our customers.


Life is about experiences and making memories. With every new experience, you can learn and grow. Your experiences make you who you are and shape you into who you will become.


We look at how parents nurture their children – the caring and support. That’s the environment we want to build, where people feel that everyone around is helping each other and caring for each other. A community of supporting entrepreneurs striving for success.

Our mission is to elevate the lives of our customers and distributors, by providing life changing experiences, financial opportunities and efficient, well-rounded personal health products.

We want to do more, see more and get the most out of our 24-hour day. We are confident that Hyten’s three pillars will allow you to achieve your daily goals and life goals simultaneously.

Travel – You Are a Reflection of Your Experiences

This is why our mindset and our customer’s mindsets are that of a wanderluster. Travel makes us happier, healthier and more creative. It’s enriching to see the world and create your own memories first-hand.

Health – When Your Mind is Sharp, Your Body Will Follow Suit

When your mind is clear, you are more focused, your memory is better and your performance is enhanced. Our products start by fine tuning your mind, and when it is at its peak performance, your body will feel elevated levels of performance. Whether you are an athlete or simply trying to improve your health, our products will help you reach your goals.

Giving Back – You Are Only As Strong As Your Foundation

We have built our foundation on helping other people everywhere. When you are a part of Hyten, you are a part of a family that has fostered a culture of paying it forward. We are passionate about giving back to our community and realize that a little HOPE can inspire wonderful things.


Hyten Global’s story is built on experiences you need, products you want, and giving back to those who need it most. Our story is just beginning and we want you to help write it.

Gregory Baum

Tuffy Baum has 31 years of high-level management experience as an Owner, President, and COO. Before founding HopRocket and now Hyten, Tuffy was Global Chief Operating Officer of a direct selling company doing business in over 60 countries. Tuffy was also a co-founder of a USA–based, nutritional supplement direct sales company. Operational efficiency experience comes from over 15 years as National Operations Manager for Airgas Inc. (NYSE: ARG), the largest distributor of Industrial, Medical and Specialty gasses in the United States. Tuffy started his career in the Dry Ice distribution business as Owner of BC Industries in Salt Lake City, UT USA.

Dave Price

Dave has 15 years of international experience in the direct sales industry, spanning multiple markets throughout the world. He possesses the ability to think “glocally”—localizing a global strategy to achieve a cohesive balance. He has played an integral role in launching markets and products resulting in millions of sales annually. A love for Asia and ability to converse in Mandarin Chinese, Dave pursued and received his MBA with honors from Thunderbird—#1 school in global management.