Are you satisfied with your health? Are you looking for something, someone, some group to help you achieve your health and fitness goals?

We have designed a challenge to match the results you are looking for. There is one guarantee with this challenge - you will become a fitter, healthier, and overall better you!

STEP 1: Purchase ketoboostTM

KetoBoost is the perfect source of exogenous ketones, that supports appetite control, an energy boost without the jitters, mental clarity, and replenishes your body with electrolytes.

STEP 2: Get Your Product For Free

What is the easiest way to stick to a challenge? By holding yourself accountable. This is where workout buddies come in to play.

When three of your friends join the challenge and set up an Auto Order (which saves you $5), you will get your next KetoBoost for FREE!

STEP 3: Enter the Challenge

Improve your energy, mental clarity, and lose a few pounds along the way to be the best, healthiest YOU!


Besides getting that summer body and feeling good, you will receive 300 Reward Points, a certificate of completion, and a Challenge t-shirt!


Purchase KetoBoost.
Submit an “I Accept The 28 Day Challenge” entry video.
Take KetoBoost, walk 10,000 steps and get active for 60 minutes daily. Challenge yourself: Do 100 sit ups, 100 push ups, and 100 squats 4 times per week.
After 28 days, submit “I conquered the 28 Day Challenge” video, measurements, and pictures if you took them. This is your time to show off!


How To Take Before/After Pictures
How to Take Measurements.

Pictures are not required, but they are a great measuring tool for progress.

Submit Your Entry

Fill out the entry form below and upload a video in order for a chance to win your challenge and get a prize. The ultimate prize will be when you become a better you.

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